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The advantages of the SMARTegg is that it times,

measures, feels, quantifies, remembers and talks.


The SMARTegg is placed in transit and from this point it will measures:


pressure and

temperature for a period of over 21 days.


These measurements are made on a timed basis so that each shock,

pressure and temperature reading can be analyzed, thereby enabling an

exact picture to be created throughout the transit period.


In addition, the precise reading of shock, pressure and/or temperature

are provided. This means that the user has real smart information

readily available on which to make management decisions.


Supplied with the SMARTegg is software running on the Windows operating

system. It allows the user to access data from the SMARTegg on a timed

basis, pinpointing areas in transit from information supplied by the user

about distances, speed and changeover points.


The SMARTegg is fitted with a rechargeable battery which take approximately

14 hours to charge from new. The battery has an operating life of over 21

days and a usable life of over 5 years.

How does the SMARTegg communicate?

The SMARTegg is recharged and communicates from being placed in its

own charger holder (as the egg can only be fitted one way, no accidental

wrong connection is possible).




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